KPE Sport Tournament 2018 : A Sport Competition for Employees of PT KPE
administrator | 12 Mar 2018

Cilegon, March 10, 2018 - In order to realize the company better performance, PT Krakatau Posco Energy's (KPE) organizes sports tournaments between employees to improve fitness and communication for each employee. This twice-organized event is fully supported by PT KPE management and is followed by both shift and non shift employees.

Symbolically this sports tournament was opened by Mr. Maulana Jusuf as a representative of the management of PT KPE. Branch sports are contested as an opener tournament olaraga this futsal sport. The first match starts on March 3, 2018 at The Level Sport Center Cilegon.

Division of sport consists of branches of futsal olaraga, badminton, water polo, and swimming relay where for each sport is followed by 6 teams. The round of the sport tournament is divided into preliminary rounds, semifinal rounds, and the final round. The teams that compete have members who are a blend of shift and non shift employees. Especially for badminton sports team members consist of representatives of each work unit.

The futsal team matches the EDG team with the Generator team in the final game and is won by the EDG team. In the other sports, Operation Group D came out as champions after defeating the Non Shift 1 (Maintenance Team) team in the final round.

The peak event activities of Sport Tournament 2018 is held in the pool ASA Sport Center Cilegon with the agenda of the game of water polo branch followed by swimming relay. Mr. Muhammad as the Director of PT KPE delivered the opening speech which contains, among others, the expectations of PT KPE management regarding sportsmanship values ​​and teamwork can be applied in work activities.

The match on the water polo sport is tight because it takes place in the water that limits the movement of team members and the rules on how to dribble and penalty for team members holding the ball longer than the time set by the committee. Team 2 led by Ridwan Rizkiawan became the champion of water polo sport after successfully defeating Team 4.

Swimming relay and water polo is the first sport to compete in this Sport Tournament event. After a pause of about 15 minutes for preparation, the event continued with a sporting event of relay swimming. With the fastest time record, Team 5 who commanded by Imam Mahdi managed to come out as champions beat Team 3 who commanded Adityo F Ibrahim. The 2018 Sport Tournament event series concludes with award prizes for each winning team and door prize division.