Saving Campaign of Cost, Resources, and Energy
administrator | 29 Mar 2019

CILEGON, KPE - In the midst of increasingly fierce business competition, everything related to increasing efficiency and productivity of the company is very vital. A company with high efficiency reflects its ability to complete each job according to a predetermined target. Companies must be able to shorten production time from time to time, the production process that requires large costs must be reduced to smaller.

The campaign that was carried out (29/3) was called for, to increase efficiency which is one of the things that has always been a target in every company, the campaign event must be realized in every part of the company and employees without exception. Employees as the most important part of the company are the main drivers of increasing company efficiency and productivity. Employees have the responsibility to always:

1. Innovation at work.

Always find new ways that are more creative in completing their work, so that the work done can be completed in a shorter time (Effective), using fewer materials (Efficient) but with quality results (Economical).

2. 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and RecycleReduce.

Reduce, everything that causes waste.

Reuse, reuse items that can still be used for the same / other functions.

Recycle, reprocess / recycle goods into useful new products / products.

3. 3M: Starting from yourself, starting from small things, and starting from now.

 Always think positively because the big changes we want are not as easy as turning our hands. To implement it can be started from yourself, from a small thing, and starts now.

In simple terms efficiency is a decrease in daily operational costs, efficient companies will be more competitive than their competitors. The more efficient the company will be the more profit the company can share with employees to improve their welfare.