Company Overview

Beyond Energy, Better Life

PT KRAKATAU POSCO ENERGY is a joint venture company between Krakatau Daya Listrik (KS Group) and Posco Energy (POSCO Group). We has been built a Power Plant with the capacity 200 MW for phase 1. The Power plan entered commercial operation on March 1, 2014. The Power Plant located in Kawasan Industri Krakatau Steel, Cilegon.

Electricity produced by KPE will be supplied to Integrated Steel Mill of PT Krakatau Posco. The ISM needs electricity around 200 MW for its production process. During operation, KPE’s Power Plant use off gas from blast furnace of ISM as main Fuel.

PT KPE employs both Indonesian and Korean employees since its establishment in 2011. To achieve an agile and tenacious organisation structure, most positions in the Company are occupied by bright young talent.

Establish Date August 1st 2011
Location Krakatau Posco Integrated Steel Mill Area
Business Field Power Generation
Design Capacity 2 X 100 MW
  • Head Office


We provide high quality and reliable energy at competitive cost by using eco-friendly technology.
Power Generation

The LNG system uses a method in which a gas turbine generates electricity in the initial cycle by combusting LNG, and the waste heat from the this operation is recovered by HRSG and is used to produce steam at high-temperature and pressure to drive the steam turbine.